About Us

With over 40 years of combined experience in jewelry making, design, and good old fashioned metalsmithing, it’s pretty clear that Bryan and Andrea Ring have a passion for life that comes through in their art.

 Bryan and Andrea collect ordinary pieces from city streets and random locales—items like street signs and license plates—and repurpose them into something more. Taking inspiration from the urban jungle and the wild west, they combine their treasured finds with precious metals to create a unique style of fine art jewelry.

 Driven by a constant quest to learn more about their craft, Bryan and Andrea have mastered many metalsmithing techniques and have designed a broad range of products and spaces.  The husband-and-wife team met at college, where they studied metalsmithing and design together. This is also where they began to combine their ideas about design, materials, inspiration, and the direction of their art and lives. After designing numerous products and displays for other companies, they formed a company of their own: Amuck LLC.

 Bryan and Andrea design and fabricate each piece in their midtown Kansas City Missouri home and studio. They make jewelry with a vision and art full of heart. Thanks for taking a look.